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Opening Times: April - October 10am to 5pm (Weather Permitting)
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The North Beach Café is set in one of the most beautiful and tranquil spots in Whitby.
Surrounded by beautiful sea views, over looked by the historical Whitby Abbey.
The perfect place to sit and watch the world pass you by.

We offer a full menu which is available everyday including a breakfast and full lunch menu. Also available are cold snacks, hot and cold drinks, sweets, delicious ice creams, vegan ice cream, ice lollies and a variety of beachwear from body boards, bucket and spades to souvenir Gifts.

Our entire menu is prepared fresh every day and we are proud to have
5 STAR RATING from the FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY for 10 years!

So why not try our delicious fresh bean coffees or a nice strong cup of Yorkshire Tea, which goes great with a piece of cake.


"A Very Friendly Cafe with excellent service.
Superb Views and Atmosphere, to go along with a cup of coffee and some food"

~ James ~
From York

Growing up we always had days out with all the family, our favourite times were spent on the beach,
we would often visit Caister Beach, Walton on the Naze, and Leigh on sea. On those long hot summer holidays it was not uncommon in my family for everyone to meet up for these special days out. There was us children, our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins you name it, we felt a bit like the Walton’s taking over the beach. We would bring everything with us from bats, balls, kites, buckets and spades and we would spend hours building sand castles and decorating them with the shells we found on the beach. We loved swimming in the sea and float around in our dinghy. Our fun moment was burying our gramps feet in the sand while he dozed off. (which was nearly every time we visited the beach)

After a few hours on the beach we would then be treated by our Nan and gramps to what was known as a “Popeye” this is an ice cream with a lolly stuck on top of it. This was all the rage at the local beach Ice Cream Parlors in the 1980’s.

After that we would be given some pocket money, to go and play with at the arcades. We loved the 2p machine’s and spending what seemed like hours waiting for the coins to push and drop the little prizes out at the bottom, we would then help our Grandma on the Bingo with the sliding windows and after that we would head back to the beach, the adults would do some more sun bathing and we kids would grab our dinghy and head of to the rock pool to do some crabbing. After a long day in the sun we would head back to the car to return home, but not before stopping for some hot dinky doughnuts.

So when we had the opportunity to buy the North Beach Cafe situated on the beach here at Whitby, we jumped at the chance, all those fond memories come flooding back.

So in the tradition of great day’s we had we had as children, we wanted to give that same feeling to our customers when visiting our cafe. So we have tried to make sure we cater for everyone’s needs from children to having toys like buckets and Spades, beach treats like homemade fudge and ice creams; we even do Popeye’s if you want to see what that is all about? And for the parents and grandparents we toasted tea cakes, giant cherry bake-wells and fresh tea and coffee for you to enjoy, plus many more treats and souvenirs on offer.

This year we have introduced our new Vegan range & Gluten free options. So there is something for everyone, even dog’s are not left out as they have a free dog treat and a water bowl provided.
So come along and make your happy family memories.

We look forward to seeing you soon.