North Beach Café
Tel:01947 825047
Opening Times: April - October 10am to 5pm (Weather Permitting)
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Due to popular demand we now offer many vegan options including our Homemade pizzas, we have vegan cheese and vegetables, our baked potatoes come with a choice of baked beans, vegan chilli con carne, vegan cheese, vegan spread and corn.

This year our Homemade Vegan cakes and biscuits have been most popular Why not try our cupcakes with choices of flavours and decorations.

For those hot days with now have Delicious Vegan Ice Cream's

Visit our menu page and look for the Vegan & Vegetarian logo's to see what option is there for you.


“Frantasico Cafe, muy buena
la atencion felicitaciones”

~ Agustin ~
From Argentina

Vegan & Vegetarian Options
We offer oven baked potatoes with various toppings and
Delicious Toasties made with Gluten Free Bread

Unfortunately due to cross contamination as we bake every day with flour and we cannot make gluten free cakes but do offer a very nice very nice alternative which could be a Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake, Carrot Cake or Caramel Apple Pie with Cream and Fresh Strawberries.

Also Available is a selection of Mrs Crumbles gluten free biscuits

Gluten Free Options